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Storm Trooper Uber E-11 Blaster Rifle Model Hero Kit ANH Screen Accurate Replica $149.0
THE MOST SCREEN ACCURATE MODEL OF E-11 BLASTER RIFLE AVAILABLE! 501st Legion Storm Troopers all over the world are trooping with my blaster. It meets and exceeds the FISD requirements for level 3 Centurion status. Ours is the ONLY model design that the folding stock actually works like the real weapon. This model has been modeled to be as screen ac ...  More

Storm Trooper First Order Force Awakens F-11D Blaster Model Prop Replica KIT $149.0
THIS IS A KIT TO BUILD THE F-11D BLASTER FROM "The Force Awakens". The Photos are of the prototype. The forward grip has been moved 15mm forward for authenticity. I will update the photos after I build another. Now comes with a Steel Main Spring. 3D printed in tough ABS plastic in 69 pieces. This F-11D Blaster is perfect for CosPlay. Once completed ...  More

Storm Trooper Uber E-11 Blaster Rifle Model Base Kit Replica $125.0
THIS IS THE BASE MODEL AND DOES NOT COME WITH THE PICTURED HENGSTLER & POWER CYLINDERS (SOLD SEPERATELY) OR SEE THE "HERO" VERSION IN OUR STORE. THE MOST SCREEN ACCURATE MODEL OF E-11 BLASTER RIFLE AVAILABLE! 501st Legion Storm Troopers all over the world are trooping with my blaster. When combined with the Hengstler Kit (or buying the Hero ver ...  More

LIGHTS / SOUND DIY KIT for Blaster-Master Uber E-11 Blaster Rifle Model $39.0
This is a DIY kit to add lights and sound to the Blaster-Master Uber E-11 Blaster Model (Base or Hero.) It comes with all the components, switches and wire you need to complete the installation. After ordering you will receive a link to a video tutorial on the assembly. Just follow step by step instructions on soldering and assembly. When complete ...  More

Fiber Optic Lighting Filament ~ Unique (75 ft of.50mm) $8.75
75 Feet of .50mm Fiber Optic Filament This listing features one 75 foot hobby spool with one continuous 75 foot strand of our .50mm fiber optic filament. The Fiber Optic Filament is machine wound on a solid spool to protect the fiber and help prevent tangling. If you've ever worked with loose fiber optic filament you know how easily it can become t ...  More

AEG Sterling Airsoft to Storm Trooper E-11 Blaster Rifle kit 3D Printed ABS $89.0
Conversion kit ONLY. AIRSOFT GUN NOT INCLUDED This 3d printed ABS plastic kit will convert your AEG Sterling Airsoft gun to an accurate Storm Trooper E-11 Blaster Rifle. Kit includes T-Tracks, Hengstler Counter, Power Cylinders, Scope Rail, M38 Scope and Shortened Clip for Display. Each part must be sanded, glued and finished. When completed the T- ...  More

.25mm 150ft Colored FIBER OPTIC MODEL LIGHTING many uses + FREE illuminator! $10.99

Imperial Star Destroyer Star Wars Model Kit scale 1/2700 ZVEZDA 9057 Mint in Box $89.99

DH-17 Blaster Pistol Model Kit Star Wars: IV & V Replica DIY $89.0

acrylic display stand for Revell AMT ERTL Star Destroyer model kit Star Wars $14.99

Storm Trooper E-11 ROTJ Blaster Rifle Model Hero Kit for Screen Quality Replica $139.0

Bandai Star Wars U-Wing Fighter & Tie Striker 1/144 scale kit 121848 USA Seller $19.0

acrylic display stand for Revell Republic Star Destroyer model kit Star Wars $14.99

DL-44 Han Solo Blaster Pistol 3D printed Model Kit Star Wars Movie Prop Replica $89.0

Fascinations Metal Earth AT-AT Star Wars Laser Cut 3D Model Imperial Walker $10.89

acrylic display stand for Zvezda Star Wars Star Destroyer Revell 1/2700 $18.99

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens BB-8 Funko Pop! Figure $9.99

Bandai Star Wars Boba Fett's Patrol Ship Slave I 1/144 Scal NEW USA Seller $29.0

Star Wars Star Destroyer 1/2700 scale plastic model Zvezda NEW NO BOX $70.0

RetroKits Models 1/72 ESCAPE POD FROM STAR WARS EPISODE IV Resin Kit $29.99

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